Parenting children who have ADHD is without doubt the hardest job in the world. This is simply because an untrained parent of an ADHD child will be loving, but unsuspecting - even blind-sided by what may happen in the next hour, never mind the next day or week.

Non-ADHD people and undiagnosed adult ADDers experience the behaviour of children with ADHD as bewilderingly incomprehensible. This can lead to all sorts of unpleasant and long-lasting effects on the children and the whole family. ADHD is a family condition!

These 12 modules provide a solid and effective body of knowledge for you - the beleaguered parent. Understanding why a behaviour is happening and how to prevent it, and deal with it (mostly) makes for a loving and contented family life. The ADHD child prospects in life will be greatly enhanced.

This course can be done in your own time and at your own pace, provided you complete it within 90 - 100 days from your start date

  • To get the maximum benefit out of the course for your family, a module ideally should take a week. The implementation of what you learn in each module is the most important part
  • You are able to complete 2 modules per week only if absolutely necessary
  • Extra time will be available if required due to unavoidable circumstances.